February 24th - March 30th

6 weeks of free courses

The Philosophy of Racism

Prejudice, Superiority, and our World- What does this mean and where are we going with this?

The Racism course will explore the 'shared' psychological basis for tribalism/racism in manner that removes the politically charged and bitter tone of the discussion as it normally occurs.

Recent scientific university research will be taxed heavily, and students will have a more insightful and less accusatory appreciation for what are considered 'racist' tendencies. We will introduce the term 'culturist' as denoting that person who strongly approves of certain cultures over others (often their own) . We will consider the healthy aspects of this preference, and we will explore the grey zone between culturism and racism. This will be done by introducing and looking at some perspectives of Mark Steyn, as well Alasdair MacIntyre will make his appearance, of course, again together with Charles Taylor. 




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