The Team

Welcome to The Grammaticus Team!

This page will provide you with an overview of the rest of the team, everyone's roles and responsibilities, and resources that might help your work.


Our Vision

Why We're All Here

We're here because we believe in cultivating students who are a) rooted in the good and b) economically-empowered.

(i) Rooted in the Good: The Grammaticus aims to equip students with the tools to discover, reflect on, and evaluate their value systems, ethical beliefs, and personal purpose – across topics. Armed with these tools (based on critical and deep thinking), students are better able to find and pursue their passion in our multicultural, consumer-focused society.

(ii) Economically-Empowered:  The Grammaticus aims to empower its students by giving them the tools to affect change responsibly. To do so, The Grammaticus equips the students to understand  the complex relationship of buyers and suppliers, innovate based on human-centered design, and have the courage to pursue new ventures.

Core Team

Bi-Weekly Meets

In addition to their individual responsibilities, Core Team members are expected to be present at a 1-hour phone/Skype meeting on the first and third Wed of each month.


All Core Team communications will be done through 
- email if you do not have an account.

Meet the team

Stefan Samuel

416-578-4688 -

Head Teacher, Curriculum Development

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Johnson Fung

650-714-7948 -

Executive Director, Curriculum Development, Finances

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