Summer Workshop

The Ultimate University Prep Course

June 7, 2018 – Aug 23, 2018
Thursday Nights - 6:00pm - 9:00pm (Total: 12 classes / 36 hours)

Tuition is $500  (limited to 15 students).
Location: 190 Main St. Unionville - North 2nd Floor

Teacher: Mr. Stefan Samuel - University of Toronto - 20+ years experience

This course is aimed towards high school students preparing for excellence in college and university studies - especially in the fields of law, medicine, business, English, psychology, sociology, and history.  As our school’s core bridge between secondary and university education, this university prep course is designed to impart and hone academic reading, analysis, synthesis and writing skills that prepare students to vie for A+ level, or summa cum laude, achievement. Relying upon the structure of the short essay (the précis), students acquire the crucial skills required for reading, comprehending and writing at the highest levels expected in university.

This course was designed in partnership with recent graduates from Stanford Graduate School of Business, University of Toronto School of Medicine, McGill University, and York University.

Topics we will cover

  • Intro - Understanding University and Academic Culture
  • The GPA - Deconstructing University Expectations and Marking
  • Academic Reading - Identifying Key Points and Evidence
  • Academic Writing - Structuring Complex Ideas
  • Academic Debate and Analysis - Designing Sound Arguments
  • Career Planning - for Law (JD), Medicine (MD), and Business (MBA)

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Tuition is $500