2016 After-School Programs

The Unwinnable War:
The Frailty of Male Fantasy


Wednesdays 6pm-8pm
Teacher: Mr. Stefan Samuel


More Information Coming in Spring 2016

If you are a youth organization interested in registering your students
please email jennifer@thegrammaticus.org

Saturday Tutorials

Saturdays 10pm-1pm

Teacher: Ms. Christina Sacchetti

Come to our Saturday tutorials, where you can learn the mechanics of writing, analysis, and essay construction. Bring your day-school homework and we'll talk you through how to approach the assignment. Come for a quick brush up, or stay the entire 3 hours. Each session is only $25 for three hours and your first visit is free.

About Ms. Sacchetti

  • Graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto and then went on to pursue a Master’s Degree in English at York University
  • Earned her Bachelor of Education at York University and is qualified in the areas of Intermediate/Senior English and History, and Senior Biology.
  • Honours Specialist in English from Queen’s University Faculty of Education
  • Holds a certificate of completion from St. Clement’s School’s AP Summer Institute.


Email Ms. Sacchetti at tutor@thegrammaticus.org to let her know which day you'll be attending.

Future After-School Courses

The Invention of Marketing
How one man re-invented propaganda and manipulated an entire nation to buy

Good Capitalism (?)
What's better - being a humanitarian or being a banker who donates millions to charity?

New York Will Drown By 2100
If climate change is such a big deal, why don't we do more about it?

Social Entrepreneurship
What if you could make money and do good at the same time?